31 Fun Things To Do with Kids in Vancouver

Not long ago, my friend Amelia asked me to write up a guest post on her blog, Seven Suitcases. Amelia is an author and former Lonely Planet writer, who also has five kids. Amelia was looking for a post on what there was for kids to do in Vancouver, as part of Seven Suitcases’ ongoing city experts series.

When I sat down to write my guest post, I used the photos I’d snapped over the preceding months to refresh myself on what our family does in town for fun. Before I knew it, I’d written a pretty lengthy post – there’s just that much for kids in Vancouver!


On an expedition into Beaver Lake in Stanley Park, right in the heart of the city!

Here’s a snippet of only two things from my post:

Emery Barnes Park
Close to us in Yaletown, the city built this park by slowly taking over and razing old commercial buildings. Now it’s got a faux creek running through it that the kids love to play in, an awesome playground with rubberized ground and a free public toilet that is “robotic,” to use my kids’ word for it. For a picnic in the park, we like to pick up fruit and juice at Nesters Market (cnr Seymour and Nelson Streets) beforehand, where they even have kids-sized grocery carts!


Beaver Lake & Geocaching
Earlier in the winter, we went hiking around Beaver Lake with a friend and her two kids. They turned us onto geocaching (using the iPhone’s GPS to find “secret” stashes in the woods). The older kids absolutely loved tracking down the treasures, cracking them open, adding their own knick knacks to it and writing their name in the log book. Quite a magical place, right in the middle of the city!

For 29 more fun things to do in Vancouver with kids, have a read of my article on Amelia’s blog. I’d also love to hear your own Vancouver family fun ideas, in the comments.

Source: Seven Suitcases Asks: Vancouver

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Adrian Crook is a father of five living in beautiful downtown Vancouver, Canada. He's an advocate for rental housing and public transit.