Want To Help Me Run For City Council? Here’s How.

Those kind words from a Twitter stranger reminded me to let you know I’m seeking a nomination to run for Vancouver City Council.

Why? Well for all the same reasons I started this site, why I co-founded Abundant Housing Vancouver and Abundant Transit BC, and what Kirsten documented in her recent YouTube feature on our family (have a watch, it captures our family dynamic beautifully).

I want to change Vancouver for the better, with more housing and transit for all.But first I need to win the nomination for City Council from the NPA (Non Partisan Association), Vancouver’s oldest civic party. There is a fierce internal battle for these nominations, with most would-be candidates representing little or no improvement over the status quo. It’s not a stretch to say I’m the most progressive candidate the NPA (might) have – and for that reason, I’m an outsider to most.

For this reason, I need your help ASAP.

If you’re a Vancouver resident, you can join the NPA ($10) to be able to vote for my nomination. Membership cutoff is April 29th. If you’ve never joined a political party before, perfect. Our #LetsFixHousing movement within NPA is organized to make profound changes to housing in Vancouver, not perpetuate the partisan games that got us in this mess. Join right now.

If you’re not a Vancouver resident but still want to help, my campaign could use all the funding assistance it can get. Right now I am entirely self-funded, so things like websites or ads come right out of my own pocketbook. And although we’re already blessed to have several dozen volunteers, it’d be great to buy them coffee and donuts at least as we approach nomination day. If you’d like to help, you can donate to me directly.

A party is only as good as its people, which is why I’m running with a small but passionate group of like-minded would-be councilors. People who represent a positive change to the status quo and are starkly different from the other “old guard” factions within the NPA.

If you’d like to help me fix Vancouver’s housing crisis, please support me today.

Thank you in advance for all your help,





PS: My main campaign site is www.voteadriancrook.com – feel free to share with this link and any others with your friends. 🙂

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Adrian Crook is a father of five living in beautiful downtown Vancouver, Canada. When he's not mobbed by his brood, he runs a successful videogame design consulting business.