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The art room is another highly utilized area when kids want to get some of their own space to create.

Crafting an Art Space from In-Suite Storage

When we first moved into this condo, one of the more curious aspects was that it had “in-suite storage.” So instead of storing all our unused junk in a chicken wire-surrounded, padlocked area on P1 or P2, we got a small,…

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The Cloakroom Comes Home

My husband and I struggle with hall closet storage in our apartment; our coat/shoe closet won’t stay closed, for jackets and footwear spilling out. Our 3-shelf closet organizer has no room for more shoes when people visit. My small collection…


“Where Are Your Kids’ Toys?”

One question I get asked a lot is, “Where are all your kids’ toys?” When we first moved into our condo, for a long time we had a couple giant tupperware bins in the corner of the living room that…